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Event Participation

Terms and Conditions

1. All the Applications for participation at ShoppingHongKong events must be accompanied by a proof of payment.

2. Each vendor’s booth must be fully staffed and open for sales and must remain fully staffed and prepared to serve customers during the event’s opening hours. If a vendor arrives late or decides to close early for any reason, the vendor may, at the sole discretion of the Executive Directors of ShoppingHongKong, be precluded from participating in future ShoppingHongKong events.

3. Looks are everything! People will always first stop at the booths that are visually appealing. Always make sure that your goods are well presented and appealing to the potential customer.

4. All vendors must act respectfully towards the event organizers as well as towards the other vendors and display their items, including advertising materials, upon the table provided and/or along the floor within their assigned booth area only, not interfering with the other’s vendor spaces.

5. All vendors must leave the property as it was found, without damage or destruction and refrain from the use of command strips, tape, or any kind of adhesive material to the walls, floors, or any other part of the building or its property.

6. Shoppinghongkong is not responsible for any injury incurred during the course of the events.

7. Shoppinghongkong is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during the events.

8. Shoppinghongkong is not responsible for vendor sales during the events

9. No refunds on payments