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Are beer shorts and popsicle molds with built-in straws gonna help you survive Hong Kong Summer heat?

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No idea. But if there was a necklace with a secret compartment to store a dose of champagne and a stylish hat with a cooling function I would be happier   about having to face the long, hot, humid and unpredictable Hong Kong spring. But hey, did we not  just stopped complaining about how cold it is in Hong Kong, how miserable we all feel and how much we cannot wait for the  spring to arrive? The warm weather is here now and it is going to stay long  enough to make all of us crave the cool, breezy winter again. Let’s quickly get out of our shells, jumpers and jackets and get ready to face the summer in style.  

Style? It is true that style comes from within, but I can guarantee you that a nice, stylish wardrobe builds on with some valuable shopping.  Besides, we, at ShoppingHongKong believe that shopping is actually good for the health 🙂

Try to think of the happy  moment when you bought that stunning pair of designer heels on sale. You are not going to wear them in the next year because you just got…pregnant, but for baby’s sake, husbands, show some understanding and compassion here! You all know how hormones work, right? Dopamine,  oxytocin, estrogen, progesterone? These hormones must be kept under control by doing pleasurable things and  stress-relieving activities.

We are really not asking too much…just a girlfriend to shop with, a glass of bubbly, a credit card (and some cash…you never know) and a cool place to shop (not like cool with AC, well  that one too…but we meant with some quirky, cool, hard to find merchandise). You bring the girlfriend and the credit card, we will cover the rest, including close monitoring of
your hormone levels 😉

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