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How to travel in comfort and style?

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Have we ever mentioned that we love reading books about style? We  just got inspired by Hitha Palepu’s “How to pack”. Keep reading…

Here are Hitha’s tips about transiting chic or what one stylish woman  should wear when traveling.

“Travel outfits have to walk a fine line between stylish and comfortable. You will want to select items suited for a long day of travel, but that can also be worn during your trip and your return journey home.  Lightweight layers will keep you cozy and chic at the same time.

1. Ponte  leggings or stretchy jeans will allow for maximum comfort.

2. A cotton tank breathes and provides an additional layer of extra warmth.

3. A long-sleeved T-shirt is just the right weight, whether your flight is chilly or warm.

4. A  blazer or cardigan will keep you warm and add extra polish to your outfit while  doubling as a great outerwear piece when arriving at your destination.

5. A large scarf can be used as a fashion piece or an in-flight blanket.

6. Compression or cashmere socks keep you warm  and are better than bare feet while going through security. ”

Now you are ready to pack up your bags and explore the new places in style and comfort 🙂 But before you do you will need some more useful tips of how to pack efficiently and stress free. So read on yo find out more…

First step is finding your packing personality and then adapting your packing style:

Are you an  anxious overpacker? Here is what you can do. You need a confidence boost. You know what you need and you should feel empowered by ruthlessly editing your suitcase.

Or, may be you are one of those  forever forgetful  globetrotters? The packing checklist will be your strongest ally. Check it, double check it, and then check it again. It will help you stay focused on what you’ll need.

Ahhh, you are a  jumbled traveller! Got you!  Organising your bag in a specific manner is important. Pay extra  attention to the order items go in. Packing cubes and a folding board will be excellent tools.

As of the impractical daydreamers….well…the best tip from  Hitha’s book is to  realise that your  adventure is best served by good preparation. That means preparing to pack will actually add spontaneity. 

We just love these packing and travel tips, and hope that you do as well:) Feel free to comment below on your best packing style strategies…



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