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Our best tips for Spring Closet Detox

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Have you been planning a closet cleaning for a while? Perhaps thinking of storing beautifully and neatly your winter clothes? Priorities shifted and you could not? The truth is that very few people know how to do this like pros. Now let’s try and act for this time as if we were wardrobe fanatics (Ok, we admit it, we are one of those)


How would a wardrobe fanatic edit her wardrobe?

Make up some stress-free ‘me’ time ( no husbands roaming around nor young children or dogs cheerfully distracting her from the mission). WARDROBE ME TIME IS SACRED. PERIOD.

Put on a playlist of favourite, uplifting songs. Think ‘She is on fire’ by Bo Saris ; ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera; ‘Just a girl’ by No doubt…Is your music soul approving?  

Place 2 sturdy, roomy bags  on the floor

Get a glass of bubbly (optional but quite…desirable 😉 )


Now what? Let round one of the closet cleaning begin!

She would inspect each piece of clothing, patiently and brutally…

What is the condition?

Does the item have stains or holes?

Are your white T-shirts no longer white?

Is the material worn or does it have pills (the nubs that form on sweaters)?

Stretched beyond recognition?

How about the style?

Is it still even remotely in style?

Do you think it represents your Style Personality?

Can you see yourself wearing it again or at all?

Does it fit your current lifestyle?

If the condition is not excellent, the piece will go in the TOSS BAG. Thank that top, skirt, dress for serving you and say good bye 😉

If the style does not represent your personality nor your lifestyle or it is stuck somewhere in your college years, it will go in the GIVE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY BAG . And, again, thank that top, skirt, dress for serving you and say good bye 😉 One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The same applies to all the accessories, shoes, scarves, hats, bags and hey, remember to check your sports gear and lingerie too.

Now what?

Now comes the shopping 😉


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